Mia Debidin, PhD

Clinical psychologist CBT Integrative Psychotherapist
London ENG
I will listen to you,... what you're going through, what has happened to you, what you understand about yourself and your life, where you'd like to get to and how you'd like to be, and what has and has not worked for you so far. I will help you develop emotional competence described by Gabor Maté the capacity to feel emotions the ability to express emotions effectively, assert needs and maintain emotional boundaries the facility to distinguish between psychological reactions to the present based on current needs, and those that represent residue from the past or the unconscious, unsatisfied needs from childhood. the awareness of genuine needs requiring satisfaction rather than repression for the sake of being accepted or approved by others. I will help you do the healing and recovery work described by David Hawkins of Letting Go.
I am Canadian, born in Barbados and living and working in the UK in psychology and psychotherapy for over 26 years.