Mich Robb, MEd

General Psycho-social Therapy - Adults
Johannesburg GP
As above and specific to the needs of individual clients and their presenting problems. With addiction clients I work mainly form a Cognitive Behavioural perspective.
Mich Robb (B.A.; B.Ed. (Rem. Ed.); M.Ed (with distinction) (Witwatersrand) HPCSA Number: PS0026808 Mich is the Managing Director of MWELL (Mental Wellbeing Interventions (Pty) Ltd. He has extensive experience, in Addictions Treatment, Trauma Counselling, Children and Adolescent Psychology, General Psychological Interventions and Psycho-social Monitoring and Research. MWELL is situated in Victoria, Johannesburg. MWELL has also conducted Mental Health Audits at a number of companies including Village Main Reef (Mining), a number of advertising agencies, and at several Independent Schools in South Africa. Mich has had over 30 years experience in private practice. He is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as both a Clinical and an Educational Psychologist. He has been involved in the field of addiction treatment since 1987 and is a member of SAAMS (South African Addiction Medicine Society). He is also a member of The Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA). He has also worked with Reckitt Benckiser Health doing training for their clients on addiction and addiction treatment. He has recently completed a country-wide training programme for Clicks Pharmacies on the “Basics of Addiction”; “Conflict Resolution”; and “Constructive Consultations with Addicts”. He was also a speaker at several Reckitt Benckiser Professional Training Seminars. Mich has also done volunteer work with CSVR Trauma Clinic where his focus was on counselling torture victims from French speaking countries in Africa. He has also been a guest speaker on several Mental Health Matters programmes (DStv) during 2015. The programmes were on: Drug Dependence; OTC Medication and Addiction; and Senior Mental Health. He has also been interviewed and has participated in SABCs Morning Live Show (2016). These shows were focusing on Alcohol and Substance Abuse in South Africa. He has also be the guest on “The Talk Shop” on SAfm where he spoke on “"Parenting a child with drug addiction" and how MWELL offers support to parents in this situation.