Michael DeMarco, PhD, LMFT, LMHC

New York NY
I facilitate psychedelic integration as well as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in collaboration with a medical provider of your choice, or with one of our contracted providers. I do my best to teach you a language to make sense of the psychological / mental health aspects of this experience by working with a bio-psycho-socio-spiritual, that is, an existential lens. Our work together can help you support what the medicine is doing in your brain, while also giving you a supportive container to make sense of any visionary mind/body/heart/soul exploration that may occur as a result of experiences our modern society calls “psychedelic”. Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy offers a framework to maintain positive mental health gains from the medicine over the longterm.
Psychotherapy can be a practical and accessible process that leads to lasting, profound change and maybe finding a little more balance in your day to day life and your overall self-narrative. My goal is to help support you in getting in touch with your inner healing instinct. You can take over where we leave off in session. Finding balance in mental health is like learning a language with which to process and make meaning of life on planet Earth- YOUR life. Therapy can be a way of learning this language. Using what you learn in session and applying it as best you can in your daily life will help you become more fluent- but fluent doesn't mean perfect. Fluent means you know enough to learn more. In other words, there is no cure for not speaking a language- you just keep practicing it until you can do with it what it is you would like to do with it as fluently as you’re able. Cognitive behavioral therapy can be approached similarly. With fluency, we can start to integrate the experiences of our sessions together, laying the foundation for lasting, positive change. This means you becoming more fluent with yourself- in the deepest sense. Your Self. We can expect fluency to unfold and expand over time with consistent practice and engagement. When you’re finding yourself more in touch and in balance with your Self, we’ll set some goals to work on at home on your own. When things become difficult to process, then by all means, let’s catch up and see what else there may be to learn together. Going BACK to therapy isn’t a failure on either of our parts, but the realization that it’s a lot to process, this whole life-on-Earth thing. Find support when you find yourself unable to make sense of it on your own.
Psychedelic Integration - 1 on 1, group integration KAP - Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy