Michael DeMarco, PhD, LMFT, LMHC

New York NY
We work collaboratively using a feedback-informed treatment model. That means we want to teach you how to monitor your progress and help you begin to rely on your own inner healing intelligence taking over as your own therapist as appropriate.
As we emerge from our pandemic years and fears, we can look forward to a revolutionized mental health paradigm with the legalization of psychedelics, normalization of psychedelic integration and harm-reduction, and the ceremonies and rituals surrounding these medicines which have been used for millennia before the Republicans started the “War on Drugs- ie, the war on brown people, queer people, indigenous people and immigrants. (Quote me.) Psychedelic research has now once again led to, and continues to lead to communities around the world legalizing psychedelics, and the research supporting psychedelic assisted psychotherapy is overwhelmingly positive. I cannot give you illegal drugs. I can facilitate psychedelic integration and psychotherapy, as well as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy with collaboration with a medical team. Doing drugs through the pandemic might have been a way to spend the second “Great Depression”, but the use of psychedelic as medicine, with the assistance of caring compounding pharmacists and a team trained in medicine and mental health, psychedelics can be YOUR mental health revolution.
Psychedelic Integration - 1 on 1, group integration KAP - Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy