Michael Galarraga, LPC, ATR

Founder and Bilingual Art Therapist
Philadelphia PA
Individuals have often commented on my adaptability, creativity, and ability to be present in listening and providing a safe space for problem solving. I often help you safely sit in your discomfort while guiding you through the reality that you want to create. Utilizing metaphors and creative healing approaches (not all are art therapy directives), we will get you through that difficult space together. Being educated by the individuals I serve is important to me so that I am being as attuned and culturally aware of your needs at every intersection.
I started my journey of providing therapeutic support to individuals as a personal need to help others heal through their own struggles. Incorporating art and psychotherapy have been an integral part to making my career the right fit for me. Providing you therapy in the forms of Art Therapy, EMDR, and verbal counseling while incorporating sensitive humor helps to clear out what your mind, body, and spirit have been holding onto for so long.