Michael McGee, MD

Doctor of Psychiatry

Specialties: General adult psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, trauma, spiritually-oriented psychiatry (Awakening Therapy)

Services Offered: Individual, group, psychedelic integration (individuals), psychedelic integration (groups), pre- and post-ritual counseling, trauma-focused psychotherapy, substance use disorder counseling, ketamine treatment, psychiatric diagnosis, psychiatric medication prescriptions, integrative psychiatry assessment, treatment planning, holistic approaches, mind-body therapy, psychodynamic therapy, somatic therapy, relational and family therapy, mindfulness training

Sessions: Telehealth & In-person (Avila Beach, CA)

Website: www.wellmind.com; www.drmichaelmcgee.com


I graduated from Stanford University with a degree in Biology with distinction. I received my M.D. from Stanford University School of Medicine and completed my residency in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, including a Chief Residency in Inpatient psychiatry.

I have directed several treatment programs, participated in government-funded outcomes research, and have published in the areas of spirituality, addictions, and clinical treatment.

I served for many years on the faculty of of McLean Hospital at Harvard Medical School, Boston.

I am Board Certified in General Psychiatry, Addiction Psychiatry, and Psychosomatic Medicine. I have extensive experience in addictions treatment, general adult psychiatry, and psychospiritual approaches to healing and optimal well-being.

I am the author of the multi-award-winning book, The Joy of Recovery. I am also the author of 101 Things You Need to Know if You’re Addicted to Painkillers.

I have a private practice near San Luis Obispo, CA, where I practice a combination of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology, including ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and psychedelic integration services.


How I work with clients

My work begins with developing both a deep mutual understanding and safe connection with my patients. My approach is eclectic. I include psychospiritual interventions to compliment biological, psychodynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral interventions. I combine trauma work when needed with awakening-relational practices to cultivate the capacity to love. I provide ketamine-assisted psychotherapy and psychedelic integration services.


Residency in Psychiatry (Harvard University)
Doctor of Medicine (Stanford University School of Medicine)


Medical Doctor (#G64445 California)
Medical Doctor (#56459 Massachusetts)


Board Certified, Addiction Psychiatry Board Certified, Psychosomatic Medicine



Online Sessions


Location California, Avila Beach

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