Michael Rapp, MD, PhD

Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Professor for Social and Preventive Medicine
Berlin BE
I offer an open integration group for the integration and processing of deep inner experiences. Individual appointments for transpersonal psychotherapy are also possible upon consultation. In the integration group for spiritual developments and crises, inner experiences, developments and crises can be shared and processed confidentially in a protected and mindful setting. In addition to psychotherapeutic group work, we use meditation, music, artistic techniques as well as body and breathing techniques for integration and processing.
I am a psychotherapist (founded in depth psychology) and a medical doctor specialized in psychiatry and psychotherapy. I head the professorship for social and preventive medicine at the University of Potsdam and also deal with questions of transpersonal psychology in research and teaching. I am in advanced training to become a facilitator for holotropic breathing in transpersonal training according to Stanislav Grof (Grof Transpersonal Training).
The integration group takes place every second Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (by appointment). Individual sessions are also possible. Please contact me at: integration@transpersonal-berlin.de