Michael Zwizanski, LMFT

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Philadelphia PA
My approach to supporting clients working with plant medicines, is to guide them step by step through the process. We will start by focusing on your intention - learning why you are interested in using plant medicine and what are you hoping to gain from the experience. We will then talk about the risks, the benefits and the importance of set and setting - your mindset, your health and the safety and comfort of the location for your journey. Once your psychedelic experience is complete (on your own or with a private sitter/practitioner), we will then focus on integration - processing what you learned and constructing a plan to integrate those insights into your daily life. Whether it be for spiritual growth, symptom reduction, enhancement of wellness, or a desire to sharpen creativity, using plant medicines can lead to immense personal growth, but it can also be intimidating. My hope is that by supporting you through the process I can help make your journey feel safer and more rewarding.
Hello, I am Michael Zwizanski, a licensed individual and relationship therapist in Pennsylvania with over 5 years of experience working in outpatient, community and telehealth settings. I received my master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia. My stance in life and in my practice is anti-racist, sex positive, LGBTQ+ competent and gender affirming. I recognize my privilege as a white male professional and strive to position myself as an equal collaborator in the processes of growth and change within my clients. Prior to becoming a therapist, I spent many years in the underground music scene in Philadelphia, playing in bands, DJing and promoting music events. During that time, I also pursued a career in advertising and marketing. Around the time I turned 40, I realized that my calm presence and desire to help others would be better suited in a helping profession. I then decided to change course and my journey toward becoming a therapist began. In my practice, I have worked extensively with artists, musicians, actors and entrepreneurs and understand the creative process, along with the self-determination that pushes it forward and self-doubt that can hold it in stagnation.
Psychedelic Integration and Harm Reduction Therapy for Individuals