Michele Hart, LPC

Nederland CO
Each client contact is different as each client is their own unique person. My job is to listen and learn each client’s life story, to understand what needs holding, compassion, care and forgiveness and to offer that up from my own Self energy which is sourced from the Self energy that connects us all. As each client begins to feel the possibilities available to them as they experience the unburdening of parts of themselves that both kept them protected but ironically, also keep them from knowing their full capacity, they begin to embody more fully the truth of their being. From this place, they have a greater capacity to be with their own challenging experiences, which builds into developing more compassion, care, understanding and forgiveness for others who are experiencing their own unique suffering. This, I believe, is how we begin to make the grand shift as humans to a compassion-based and heartfelt society where each persons experience matters and deserves to be seen and cared for.
Michele Hart, LPC is owner of Inner Alchemy Healing, LLC, a licensed psychotherapist, a certified psychedelic therapist, and an IFS/Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) retreat host of 7-day soul awakening immersives in breathtaking Crestone, Colorado. Ms. Hart is also an EMDR-Level 2 trained trauma specialist, trained in Internal Family Systems and is currently in the process of becoming a certified IFS practitioner. Ms. Hart receives consultation from Sunny Strasburg, author of The Theradelic Approach and one of the top influencers, researchers and advocates of Psychadelic Assisted Therapy over the past thirty years. Ms. Hart is training with both Sunny Strasburg and Richard Schwartz (founder of IFS) in the art of leading and hosting IFS/Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) retreats. Ms. Hart feels her purpose on this planet is to sit with whomever finds their way to her, whether in one-on-one sessions or in the magickal container of retreats, helping to midwife the birth of each person’s life purpose by holding a lantern in the darkness of the underworld that must be traversed by each soul courageously undertaking this human journey.
I offer one-on-one Ketamine assisted psychotherapy sessions via Telehealth. This offers clients more autonomy in creating their best space in which to do this work in the privacy of their own home as well as eliminates the need for a driver to bring them to and from session which can interrupt the ongoing processing that often continues for hours after the psychedelic effects have worn off. A psychiatric nurse or psychiatrist will do a medical intake and provided that the medical intake does not show any contraindications for the use of low to mid dose Ketamine, they will write a prescription for the patient for sublingual Ketamine troches. The client and therapist will have an intake session to discuss the clients needs and goals in therapy and also to prepare the clients system for the Ketamine session. After the Ketamine session, there will be a short integration followed up by a full length integration session within a week’s time. I also provide Internal Family Systems/EMDR/Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy retreats once a month in Crestone, CO at the gorgeous Blazing Mountain Retreat Center. This retreat center focuses on providing participants with delicious meals, catered to each individuals needs, as well as soothing and comfortable private rooms to unwind in at the end of each days experience. These retreats are co-lead with another therapist, a medical provider on-site as well as psychedelic coaches for the medicine portions of the retreat. Retreats are a beautiful invitation to do deep work both individually as well as collectively, as what another participant is experiencing is being held energetically within the group and the healing happens vicariously throughout. These retreats are held on a magickal land that has been steeped in different traditions of practice for many years, all centered in creating more capacity within ourselves and in the collective for the healing and growth of humanity. Included are song baths, trauma-informed yoga, energy work, massage, acupuncture, nature walks, art therapy, and fire rituals of releasing and claiming. Each group has capacity for 33 participants.