Michelle Barahman, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
San Diego CA
My goal is to help make this process lighter, more approachable, and more satisfying. I consider the cultural factors that shape your individual and collective experiences, across the spectrum of age, ethnicity, physical or mental ability, sexual orientation and gender identity. As your psychologist, I create a safe space to heal, reflect, and deepen insight. Sometimes the goal is to break out of patterns that have had you feeling stuck for a long time; other times the goal is to decrease painful emotions or fix a problem in the here-and-now. Regardless of what brought you here, my role is to promote understanding and help relieve your pain– whatever its source. We will tailor treatment to your individual needs in a thoughtful, collaborative manner that helps you connect more intimately with yourself and others. We will be deliberate and flexible in our approach, integrating the most appropriate theoretical methods for you with the best evidence-based practices, always keeping in mind your needs and feedback.
I’m so glad you’ve made it to my page. As a bicoastal psychologist offering therapy services in California and New York, I support individuals, couples, and families in the treatment of anxiety, depression, relational difficulties, trauma, grief and loss– just to name a few of the areas in which we can tailor our focus. I am proud of, and impressed by, your decision to feel better and become emotionally whole. And I’m humbled to have the privilege of helping you through the exciting, scary, weird, and amazing process. While I’m based in San Diego, California, my practice is virtual and I offer teletherapy video sessions to anyone living in the state of California or New York.