Michelle Brewer, MA

Counselling Therapist
Edmonton AB
I start with having a conversation about where you are dissatisfied in your life, not living up to your true potential to see what you want to change. I help you to sketch a picture about where that may have roots from in your history. I offer compassion for "negative" events in your life supporting you in also developing compassion for yourself.
I am passionate about understanding who I am. After benefiting greatly from conventional talk therapy and exploring my relationship to food and eating through mindfulness and my emotions, I felt there were blockages inside of me that I still wasn't reaching. In 2012, I saw a Fringe festival play called Medicine about one man's journey of healing on retreat with Gabor Maté through the power of Ayahuasca. A couple of years later, I attended my own Ayahuasca ceremonies and committed to the potential of psychedelics for myself and others. I definitely walk the walk. I want to bring the benefits of what I've learned on my own healing path to others as a therapist and as a practitioner of psychedelic-assisted therapy. In addition to my work as a therapist, I am an academic and an activist. A perfect and necessary trifecta in my opinion. I am passionate about women's liberation and how oppression shows up in our body. I have travelled, lived and studied all over the world. I enjoy warm beverages in cozy cafés, vulnerable conversations and thought-provoking movies. I have recently become an avid walker of the Edmonton trail system and enjoy time with my tabby, Finn.
I offer a 12 week course on emotional and intuitive eating called Taste the Freedom. I work with the ketamine-assisted therapy program called Roots to Thrive, offering a branch on intuitive eating that allows participants to explore their relationship to themselves through their relationship to food, eating and their body. www.rootstothrive.com.