Michigan Progressive Health

Royal Oak MI
The Michigan Progressive Health team is passionate about helping all of our patients alleviate their pain and suffering. At MPH, Megan Oxley, M.D. has built a ketamine practice on two important principles: to provide medical relief for those struggling with problems that can often be improved with a ketamine therapy regimen and, to provide superior medical attention in a safe, clean and well-appointed facility. We want the MPH clinic to feel more like home and less a doctor’s office. Michigan Progressive Health offers ketamine therapy through a range of modalities: IV, IM, oral, and oral group ketamine therapy. MPH treats patients with depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD and many other conditions. All patients begin with an in office consult where you can meet with our providers and therapists to determine the best course of treatment for you. We have three therapists on site that can help you prepare for and guide your ketamine experience for the best possible outcomes and long term improvement in your health. Our Group Ketamine Therapy option is an innovative four-week program developed by Michigan Progressive Health to make ketamine therapy more affordable and accessible in the Metro Area. The group meets twice a week for eight total sessions where ketamine is administered orally while patients engage in group therapy. The group setting allows patients to have a safe environment to share their experience with both illness and improvement with the added benefit of group processing with a psychedelic integration therapist.