Miranda West, CSW

Mental Health Therapist
Orem UT
With a background in Recreational Therapy, I'm passionate about integrating 'outdoor therapy' into my practice, tailoring outdoor and movement interventions to meet your unique needs. By combining traditional therapeutic methods with the healing power of nature, I aim to help you discover new perspectives and build a stronger, more resilient self.
I specialize in empowering individuals to take control of their lives through therapy. I focus on religious/life transitions, womxn’s sexuality, and challenges related to suicidality/self-harm. I work with adults and teenagers and recognize the profound impact of family dynamics and personal systems on individual happiness. To address these dynamics, I work with individuals, families, and couples, helping them identify and address system malfunctions. Furthermore, I am deeply committed to supporting the LGBTQ community on their journey toward self-actualization, drawing upon extensive experience and passion for this work.