Misty Johnson, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker & Psychotherapist
San Francisco CA
I work via video, phone, and/or in-person. I offer individual work as well as group work. I also hold retreats.
I have a deeply personal relationship with the healing power of psychedelic medicines as I have experienced my own profound and transformative experiences with these medicines over the last twenty years. I have sat with Madre Ayahuasca dozens of times over the past twenty years and I have deep gratitude for the healing and lessons I have received from this spirit. I have also worked with other entheogens and indigenous healing modalities and I offer deep gratitude for these gifts that I have received through this work. As a therapist, I have a long background working with people who have experienced trauma. While talk therapy has its place and its benefits, I have come to understand that it must be supplemented with healing modalities that address the mind-body-spirit as a whole in order to give rise to the deep healing of traumatic wounds. I volunteered for years with the Zendo project and it has been an honor and privilege to support people as they experience a challenging journey, understanding that a difficult journey does not equate to a "bad" journey and that a supportive presence can make all the difference as a journey unfolds.