Mitchell Keszler, CRNA, ARNP

Ketamine Therapy Specialist
Issaquah WA
I work with my patients using compassion and empathy. I assure my patients feel listened to, while getting down to the root causes. This ensures I am able to optimize their care and help them gain control over their lives!
About me: I am a compassionate ketamine therapy practitioner and anesthesia provider. My life goal has been to reduce pain and suffering, while helping my patients harness control of their lives. My mission is to provide rapid and sustained relief for those suffering, especially those who have not had success with traditional treatments. I specialize in ketamine therapy (Ketamine Infusions and KAP) for the treatment of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, fibromyalgia, migraines, addiction, autoimmune disorders and many others. It is a momentous time to be able to offer these revolutionary treatments in my home region, the Pacific Northwest, and I'm passionate to extend these treatments to all who's lives will improve with them. Why I began ketamine therapy: While attending graduate school, l became fascinated with studies in which ketamine was employed, not only as an anesthetic, but as an adjunct to psychotherapies and chronic pain syndromes. The results were astounding and demonstrated effectiveness when other treatments and therapies had failed, however, these therapies weren't being offered in most regions of the world. I became intent in pursuing this realm of treatment, training at the Ketamine Training Center under Phil Wolfson, MD, where I further specialized in ketamine therapy. Being an expert in the field of anesthesiology, I ensure patients receive these medications with the utmost standards of safety. I'm currently accepting new patients, and I look forward to helping you improve your life! Feel free to reach me at any time for a free consultation. *LGBTQ+ Friendly - All are welcome at Quest Ketamine Therapies!
Ketamine Infusions and Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy