Mollie M. Pleet, PsyD

Doctor of Psychology
San Francisco CA
I view health as a balance between mind, body, spirit, and environment. As such, my therapy approach is integrative and holistic. I have training in relational, cognitive-behavioral, existential, and mindfulness-based modalities and offer a range of evidence-based treatments to meet my clients’ specific needs. The foundation of my care is based on compassion and humility. I follow a harm reduction philosophy when it comes to treatment goals and honor that although I have professional training, my clients are the experts on their lived experiences. I work to highlight my clients’ strengths while fostering new skills and fresh insights. With sensitivity to the health impact of both personal and cultural forces, I strive to create a safe, welcoming space for my clients to explore all facets of their identities.
I am a licensed psychologist and clinical researcher in San Francisco. Graduate training prepared me to treat adults with PTSD and substance use disorders, and I have been fortunate to work with clients in residential, community outpatient, VA hospital, and alternative medicine clinics. Throughout these experiences, I witnessed with awe my clients’ drive to understand themselves and cultivate a sense of wholeness and meaning in their lives. I also gained insight into the beautiful complexity of how humans interact with consciousness-altering drugs. This insight, along with my long-term personal practices with yoga, Transcendental Meditation, hypnotherapy, and dream analysis, led to my involvement in clinical research exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness. My primary focus is on the effects of psychedelics on the health and functioning of adult populations. I am currently serving in clinical trials involving psilocybin, and I provide facilitation to participants in the Usona Institute study of single-dose psilocybin for major depressive disorder. I am enthusiastic about this research and enjoy helping to bring new knowledge about ancient medicines into Western medical communities. Interest in non-ordinary consciousness states is reflected in my clinical work. I have a private practice in San Francisco where I work with clients to gain optimal wellness following challenging, disorienting, or invigorating psychedelic experiences. I appreciate and respect the use of psychedelics for inspiring transformation in oneself and one’s world. I also recognize that numerous non-psychedelic therapy modalities can lead to life-altering revelations. I, therefore, offer mindfulness-based practices and welcome creative expression, mind-body awareness, and spiritual exploration into my work with clients. I view my role as a collaborator on my clients’ healing journeys and value the opportunity to offer support as they evolve their life stories.