Molly Zive, LCSW

Licensed psychotherapist
San Diego CA
I am client centered and allow my clients to discuss whatever is on their mind. I value the sacredness of holding space. I offer a mindfulness based approach to help regulate client's nervous system before introducing the medicine. It is my goal to help clients understand that they're in the driver seat of their own well-being. When we access our own inner strengths we develop resilience to navigate life's highs and lows.
Hi! I'm so grateful you've found my profile. I'm passionate about psychedelic assisted therapy on a micro and macro (activism) level. The origin of my psychedelic professional work is very personal journey for me. I have found profound healing in my own psychedelic experiences including stopping alcohol abuse. I wanted to be able to offer psychedelic integration therapy to current and potential clients using my clinical expertise and intuitive guidance. Psychedelic experiences can be very deep and powerful for people which is why it is imperative to have support along with integration. The medicine is very effective and your own inner work is indicative to the outcomes of this treatment. We find a cadence that works for your individualized needs. I'm so thrilled you're considering this work!
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