Mya Barak, LCSW

Social Worker/Psychotherapist/Counselor
London ON
My approach prioritizes, first and foremost, building a strong foundational trusting relationship with my clients where they will feel valued, seen, and wholeheartedly accepted. I have come to know my position as a therapist in the support of psychedelics to be mainly client-driven, emphasizing listening and non-directive communication.
I am a registered clinical social worker and psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience, most of which has taken place through my private counselling practice. I like to refer myself as ‘psychedelic friendly’! Considering the current political climate around psychedelic assisted psychotherapy, I have come to understand that the most imperative role I can provide my clients is in helping them prepare before and then integrate after their journeys. I believe psychedelics assist us in transferring thoughts into intrinsic beliefs. The process is foundational in helping us move from the theoretical and perceptual to creating internal beliefs and experiential knowledge. Psychedelics create opportunities for us to unlock the root causes of suffering, allowing people to recognize and fundamentally change their patterned feelings, thoughts and behaviours that keep us stuck.