Nancy Goodman, LCSW

Lakewood CO
I believe in the wisdom of people's developmental and spiritual paths through life to guide us toward what is "next" to work with. I help clients find the sensations in their bodies so that the energy of stuck emotions and beliefs can move through their systems, rather than getting caught up in the web of stories we all create in our minds. I believe the deepest power of healing comes through our bodies rather than our thinking brains, though there is value in growing our awareness of the habits of mind that we can fall into that keep us stuck. I honor the path of the client and love the co-creative partnership I have with my clients to help them find their way to remembering and re-feeling their wholeness.
I have been in private practice since 2002 and have loved watching my practice evolve from working with prenatal and postpartum mood disorders to focusing more on trauma and psychedelic assisted therapy and integration. Outside of work, I am often either writing or playing in the mountains or with the people I love.