Natalia Brajak, RP, BA

Registered Psychotherapist
Toronto ON
I lean into parts work, Enneagram, motivational interviewing and deep inquiry among other things. EMDR, mindfulness and nervous system reset is important in my work. Being in the flow is something I like to help my clients to learn how to do. Often I help clients with communication, confidence, self-esteem, surrendering resistance to change, letting go of restrictive conditioning, imbalances in giving/receiving, bringing more authenticity and presence to the moment and aligning with their deeper calling/purpose.
I co-founded Moksha/Modo yoga in the early 2000's and hold level 3 ELDOA training. I love to travel, cook, play and listen to music, garden and spend time with my son and our dog. Hiking in nature is a daily activity. I have a deep gratitude and prayer practice which sustains me through life adventures.
The Unity Bubble is a unique and particularly impactful process that I offer in my practice that I think is the most comprehensive psychedelic integration practice available at the moment. It works beautifully with other evidence based modalities and provides the vehicle for change. Many people come to me with a lot of awareness, insight and knowledge - they just don't what to do with it. It is most suitable for those interested in self-mastery