Licensed Professional Counselor
Kansas City MO
I work with clients in Missouri via I explore the presenting concerns with clients and then based on the concerns and needs of the client I will collaborate on ways to address and help manage these concerns or symptoms and work on acceptance for those things that are not within someones control to change whether due to resources, support, or ability.
Welcome to NJordan Counseling. My name is Nick Jordan and I am a licensed professional counselor in Kansas City, MO. I am here to help you reduce, manage, or accept concerns or stress in your life. I have worked in different capacities in the mental health field since 2011. My clients have worked through a variety of concerns or issues with me including: Addiction, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Career concerns, Chronic illness, Depression, Debilitating physical health issues, Relationship concerns (professional and personal), Schizophrenia, Trauma, Stress, among many other life concerns or stressors. I believe that by providing a safe, comfortable, and secure place to explore concerns or issues that you are facing, we can work together to understand your needs and how to care for them. Then we can work on exploring alternative perspectives, increasing your knowledge and practice of techniques or strategies to deal with stressors, and develop a more beneficial and positive understanding of these stressors to either reduce, manage, or accept the factors that led there. I believe that by working together in these areas and with work and persistence everyone can change and find how to be their best selves in order to have a happier and more satisfied life.