Nicole Schumacher, APCC

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Redwood City CA
I like to take a relational and collaborative approach with my clients, always holding positive regard and belief in your own inner healing intelligence. Our work may take many different forms depending on you, me, what we're working on, and all of the little things that can change on any given day. One day this might look like mindfulness techniques, another engaging in imaginal processing using creativity as a tool, and another still we may engage with the parts inside of you to see what they have to say. It could look like climbing a tree together, unpacking childhood memories, doing a body scan, or simply sitting in silence. Whatever approach we use in a given moment, we will always strive to hold a lens of curiosity and compassion. This work can often feel very vulnerable and raw. That is why I also believe you should know you are sitting across from another human. Clients have told me that working with me can be equal parts profound and playful. Shining the light on your shadows is hard and painful work, but it can also be joyful. It is a profound honor for me to walk alongside you for both, holding the space with and for you in the challenging times as well as celebrating with you in the exciting ones. I can't promise a quick path and I can't tell you what it will look like, only you get to decide the shape it takes. I encourage you to reach out so we can explore what this may look like for you.
Hi, I'm Nicole- let's connect so I can learn more about you and tell you more about me!
In my private practice, I offer sliding scale telehealth talk therapy and in-person ecotherapy in the Bay Area for adults and adolescents. I also offer preparation and integration sessions for adults who are exploring altered states of consciousness. At the clinic I work at, Alchemy Community Therapy in Oakland, CA, I am able to offer talk therapy, preparation and integration sessions, as well as Ketamine Assisted Therapy. I am able to offer these services at lower sliding scale rates than the ones in my private practice.