Nikki Kazarick, LCSW, PAPT

Pittsburgh PA
I recognize therapy as an investment and I honor that by being as time effective and concise with sessions. I want to build on the person's individual capacity to identify, accept, and heal from what has impacted their daily functioning. I provide in-person sessions in the Pittsburgh area but am open to virtual session for people across the state.
Throughout my personal and professional journey, I have realized there are more ways to support individuals in our current climate. I am looking to integrate a more balanced, somatic approach to guide people in coping and healing from their experiences. I use a lens to see a person that is not only a "diagnosis" or presentation of symptoms, but someone who is wanting to cope from surviving their hardships. I have training in the preparation for a psychedelic journey as well as supporting a person with the integration. I have an understanding of the range of experiences this medicine can provide and am prepared to support each person as they reveal how their experience impacted them.