Niko Delgado-McGee, MA, LPC-i, CADCI

Portland OR
My goal is to help you create one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Whether you are new to learning about the healing potential of psychedelics or an experienced journeyer, I can help you bring more intention into your experience and make meaning out of what follows. I work with adult ages 15+ individuals of all identities who live in Washington and Oregon. I focus deeply on building a trusting relationship with you. I strive to create a safe, compassionate space where you can feel heard and respected. I believe that you have an innate ability to heal yourself if provided this space. I have gone through great lengths in my training, education and personal experiences to make sure that you feel well supported in all aspects of your life.
"What are you?" was a question I quickly became accustomed to growing up in the Pacific Northwest. With roots in Chamoru, Irish and Armenian heritage, there is no clean box for me to check. This question has been a lifelong journey in understanding who I am in the context of others, and more importantly how I define myself. I hope to work with others who are embarking on their own cultural journey and are seeking deeper answers to questions about themselves.
EMDRIA approved EMDR Protocol, Harm Reduction Services