Nikola Ognyenovits, MD, FRACGP, FACRRM, FAChAM(RACP)

Medical Doctor

Specialties: Addiction, mental health and trauma/PTSD assessment, treatment and counseling

Services Offered: Addiction, mental health and trauma assessment, treatment and counselling, ketamine treatment, ketamine assisted psychotherapy, individual, psychedelic integration (individuals, pre- and post-ritual counseling, substance use disorder counseling, substance use disorder programs, ketamine treatment, holistic approaches

Sessions: In-person & Telehealth (West End, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

Website: Mind Medicine Australia Webinar (YouTube)


I am an Addiction Medicine specialist in Brisbane, Australia. I work across two public drug and alcohol services and in private practice.
After graduating as M.D. in 1987, I trained and worked in psychiatry, general practice, anaesthetics, emergency medicine and aeromedical retrievals. I had appointments in rural and remote Australia for 20 years before settling in Brisbane.

I was introduced to non-ordinary states of consciousness through Holotropic Breathwork. I completed six modules with Grof Transpersonal Training. I had the privilege of learning from Stanislav Grof and Tav Sparks. I co-facilitated breathwork sessions in Queensland.

I was introduced to shamanic healing traditions through training with the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Michael Harner.

Over the past twelve years I participated in various ceremonies around the world and experienced a variety of medicines.

After training with The Ketamine Training Center in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, I started to incorporate ketamine into my private practice, as it is the only legally accessible psychedelic medicine currently in Australia.

My first encounter with iboga/ibogaine was ten years ago. I experienced and witnessed the unique potential this medicine holds for people who are ready for change.
I have supported several clients pre and post that underwent ibogaine treatment.

I am a clinician with experience in mainstream medicine, mental health and addictions as well as acute and critical care and nutritional medicine. I am familiar with transcendental spaces, with both personal experiences and supporting clients through their processes.


How I work with clients

I am present, I tune in and I support you in your own process of healing.


MD (Semmelweis University of Medicine, Hungary)


Medical Doctor (MED6670454506, Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency Medical Registration)


Addiction Medicine
General Practice
Rural and Remote Medicine
Grof Transpersonal Training
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy


English, Hungarian

Online Sessions


Location Australia, Queensland, Brisbane, West End

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