Nikola Ognyenovits, MD, FRACGP, FACRRM, FAChAM

Brisbane QLD
I am present, I tune in and I support you in your own process of healing.
I am an Addiction Medicine specialist in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating as M.D. in 1987, I trained and worked in psychiatry, general practice, anaesthetics, emergency medicine and aeromedical retrievals. I had appointments in rural and remote Australia for 20 years before settling in Brisbane. I was introduced to non-ordinary states of consciousness through Holotropic Breathwork. I completed six modules with Grof Transpersonal Training. I had the privilege of learning from Stanislav Grof and Tav Sparks. I co-facilitated breathwork sessions in Queensland. Over the past twelve years I participated in various ceremonies around the world and experienced a variety of medicines. After training with The Ketamine Training Center in Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy, I started to incorporate ketamine into my private practice, as it is the only legally accessible psychedelic medicine currently in Australia. I was trained by MAPS in MDMA Assisted Therapy for PTSD trials. I am a clinician with experience in mainstream medicine, mental health and addictions as well as acute and critical care and nutritional medicine. I am familiar with transcendental spaces, with both personal experiences and supporting clients through their processes.
Ketamine assisted psychotherapy program