Miami FL
In retreat settings, office, and online individual, family, couples, and groups. Individualized treatment model keeping the clients needs as the main focus.
Niurka Sotolongo Eberhardt has been working in the field of Trauma, Addictions for 20 plus years. She is a Sex & Intimacy Therapist. Gottman levels1-3 for couples therapy. Extensive training working with Neurodivergent population. Multicultural & LGBTQ competent. Has been organizing & coordinating Plant Medicine in Peru for past 2.5 years. Competent in the process of psychedelic preparation & integration. EMDR & Hypnosis as combined protocol to assist with various conditions. Fully trained & practicing Ketamine journeys. Facilitates breathwork & soundbath. Passionate about promoting harm reduction & safe use of the Psychedelics. Set, setting, intent, facilitator & medicine quality are her to priority to create an exceptional safe healing experience.
Therapeutic sessions for individuals, couples, & families