Noel Bohl Fabian, LCSW

New York City NY
I work by setting up a consistent time to meet and creating a structure based on your needs. I am very focused on the present moment and staying attuned to whatever arises in each session while holding the possibility of making connections to your past. I make space for clients to become aware of and curious about their thoughts and experiences, and to gain clarity and compassion towards themselves. I try to bring a balance of deep inquiry and playfulness into my work.
Hi! I am a psychotherapist and psychoanalyst in New York City. I have been working as a therapist for 8 years. I graduated from Columbia School of Social Work and have worked with children, adolescents, families, and adults. I have experience in substance abuse and harm reduction, women's reproductive health issues, gender and sexuality, and psychedelic integration including support for difficult or challenging experiences, such as post-trip dissociation, identity reconstruction, and traumatic flashbacks. I have an office in uptown Manhattan where I see clients.
Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, Psychedelic Integration