Noel Spring, LMSW

Anti-oppressive somatic therapist
Detroit MI
Currently, I am only seeing people via telehealth, though I hope to return to in-person this summer. I typically see people once a week, but can see you more often if needed. Ultimately, you are the director of where your therapy goes, but I especially enjoy doing somatic work and helping people befriend and work with their nervous systems.
My name is Noel Spring, and my pronouns are they/he. I became personally interested in psychedelic medicines in my late teens/early 20s, and if you would have asked me then, I never would have believed that I'd be talking about these medicines professionally in the future. Psychedelic medicines have been central in my healing, and I honor the place these medicines have in their ability to heal. I am a MAPS MDMA-assisted therapy trainee, and I look forward to the day in which MDMA becomes available for clinical use. I have an undergraduate degree in Women's and Gender studies, and I come from a community organizing background around reproductive justice, racial justice, and LGBTQIA rights. My personal mission is to create meaningful social connections and relationships that inspire myself and others to be true to who we are.