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Screening & Intake Safety is our highest priority. Utilizing rigorous protocols modeled after those used in clinical trials, we’ll take you through a professionally designed process that will ensure you’re an excellent candidate for a psilocybin experience. During this time, we’ll also learn more about your background and intentions for the experience, and answer any questions you may have. Preparation Intentional preparation is essential to maximizing the benefits of a psychedelic experience, and this begins the moment you sign up with Odyssey. You’ll be guided through an intentional preparation process to help you best prepare for the upcoming experience. We recommend taking time and space to deeply reflect on your intentions and core reasons for undertaking this journey. We’ll provide a comprehensive package of resources to support you in this process. Psilocybin Experience Journey inward with the support of highly vetted, licensed facilitators and a psilocybin dose tailored to your intentions, preferences, and priorities. Our psilocybin is sourced locally from licensed manufacturers, ensuring its quality, potency, and allowing for precise dosing. Everything about the experience, including the space, atmosphere, and music, has been carefully selected to ensure your safety and deepen and enhance the psychedelic experience. Integration Your Odyssey doesn’t end with the journey. An intentional integration process is as important, if not more important than the psychedelic experience itself. We’ll provide a comprehensive package of resources to support you in this process. Integration is essential for transforming the insights and understandings from your journey into lasting, sustainable positive change in your life.
Odyssey provides group psilocybin experiences (4-day retreats) at a variety of licensed service centers in Oregon. Private sessions are also available with Odyssey’s statewide network of highly vetted psilocybin service providers, who are matched with clients based on individual needs and goals. Services are available to anyone looking for profound personal growth, as well as people seeking modalities to supplement their current treatments for mental health issues like depression, PTSD, OCD, grief or existential distress (e.g. in palliative care). Odyssey is committed to science and evidence-based practices in our services, which utilize lab-tested psilocybin and precision dosing. The end-to-end experience is heavily influenced by clinical trial protocols and existing psychedelic literature. Odyssey’s extended team also consists of psychedelic experts from MAPS and UCSF clinical trials, Stanford trained physicians, palliative care physicians and highly experienced underground guides.
Private Sessions Explore the benefits of psilocybin with a private experience tailored to your intentions, priorities, and preferences. Modeled after psychedelic therapy protocols used in clinical trials, a private experience with Odyssey includes over 14 hours of personalized support from an expert, licensed facilitator. Schedule your session at one of our premium licensed service centers at a time convenient for you. Your Odyssey Private Session Includes: - Psilocybin journey at a beautiful, licensed service center - World-class screening & intake process - Comprehensive preparation & integration program, including 1:1 calls with your facilitator - Premier, lab-tested, precisely dosed psilocybin - 14 hours of 1:1 time with highly vetted licensed facilitator Group Retreats An Odyssey retreat is an immersive, all-inclusive 4-day experience designed to maximize the benefits of psilocybin. Enjoy the comfort and serenity of a beautiful, natural setting and rest assured knowing our team of licensed facilitators is here to support you every step of the way. While your psilocybin journey will be inwardly focused, sharing the retreat experience with a group can be a unique opportunity to lean into the joyous and connective aspects of psilocybin. In September 2023, Odyssey made history by running the first-ever legal psilocybin retreat in the US. Your Odyssey Retreat Includes: - 4-day, all-inclusive retreat - Group psilocybin journey at a beautiful, licensed service center - World-class screening & intake process - Comprehensive preparation & integration program - Healthy, delicious meals prepared by private chef - Concierge services, including airport transport