Ognjen Vukotic, MA

Clinical Psychologist
Curitiba PR
Clients are asked to preferably bring an intention they wish to explore during our session. Standard duration of the session is 45-50min. Near to the end of the session, if possible, we come back to the original intention brought at the beginning, making an integration of everything that we have explored in between. I am open to answer any questions that might arise in the client and to make discretion, when needed, sharing my personal journey. My primary focus in the work with a client is our relationship, in which it is important that the client feels safe, open and held to explore and take over their response-abilty.
I was born in Serbia, a country in ex-Yugoslavia, during the turbulent 1990s. The decision to study the mysteries of the human psyche was made, when my best friend got diagnosed with schizophrenia in our adolescence. After studying Medicine for two years, I've felt that I was not ready to give so much time and dedication to it, as the road to Psychiatry seemed too long. This led me to a path to become Clinical Psychologist, which ended in 2019 after 5 years of study on University Singidunum in Belgrade. During this time, I've met several mentors in psychotherapy and have been trained in Gestalt Psychotherapy, Transactional Analysis, Family Constellation and Psychodrama. In 2017. together with my colleagues, I establish a Gestalt Training Academy, where I operated as a Training Coordinator and a Technical Director until 2021. when I left the project, searching for the community and colleagues that will understand and respect my support of psychedelics. Through my passion towards psychedelics and meaningful personal healing experiences I've met with the work of Gabor Mate and the Compassionate Inquiry Training Program, which I've finished in 2022. Joining this community was one of the most powerful personal and professional decisions I've made. Today, I live in Brazil, together with my wife and our two cats. I am a Cannabis, DEI and Psychedelics activist, being a member of several organizations such as SSDP (Students for Sensible Drug Policies), APB (Brazilian Psychedelic Association), IRKA (Serbian Association for Medicinal Cannabis). As a partner of a person affected by Multiple Sclerosis, I'm also a strong advocate for giving voice, space and support to those affected by it, as well as a researcher in how psychedelics can help with autoimmune diseases and inflammations.