Olivia Clear, APCC

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
San Francisco CA
I meet clients online via a secure telehealth platform. We'll see each other weekly or twice weekly to encourage our relationship to build, maintain momentum in the work, and to re-enforce habits and thinking that support you in your process. Preparation and Integration work are seen as part of therapy with me as I believe in creating a strong "container" through the relationship for working with non-ordinary states. I am a trained art therapist so (if you're open to it) I may guide you through visualizations, art-making, writing or other creative exercises. Supervised by Aly Dearborn LMFT 45462
Therapy is a pursuit of freedom. I’m here to sit with you and your soul help you uncover your “everyday magic” that lies within. My approach calls in your depths by stepping toward fear and discomfort with you. I’m here to witness you and your journey. While it can be scary, vulnerable, and intense (just like non-ordinary states), I also honor the needs of your nervous system...so you can remain present. And I value our safety, so the work is held within the blanket of an ethical relationship. I see your emotional and somatic responses as guides in the work. Let’s honor them.