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Berlin BE
Your eligibility for Augmented Psychotherapy will be determined by psychiatrics and anesthesiologists. During the administration of ketamine, you will likewise be constantly monitored by an anesthesiologist and specialist in emergency medicine. In addition, an experienced psychologist will accompany you throughout your experience with altered states of consciousness. We will work with you to create an individual treatment plan which includes multiple ketamine-assisted psychotherapy sessions to induce altered states of consciousness. If you cannot receive ketamine, we will use non-pharmacological methods, for example specific breathing techniques or stroboscope light.
We are an interdisciplinary team of anesthesiologists, psychiatrists and psychologists based in Berlin, Germany. We offer you an intensive outpatient treatment with Augmented Psychotherapy. In Augmented Psychotherapy, the effectiveness of psychotherapy is enhanced with additional techniques. In our clinic, these altered states of consciousness evoked with ketamine or with non-pharmacological methods. In this treatment concept, psychotherapy and medications are not separate from each other, but combine to reach a greater effectiveness. Besides Augmented Psychotherapy, we also offer Integration Therapy.