Pablo Orozco-Castro, LCSW

Mental Health Clinician
Santa Cruz CA
I work with clients by completing an assessment and intake to identify where there are impairments related to anxiety/depression/trauma. I use a person centered approach to identify goals that you would like to set for your course of treatment. I can offer a space that is casual or clinical whichever you prefer. I work from a liberatory framework to identify ways that we can fight oppression no matter how big or small in our daily lives. I believe that culture is a cornerstone of well-being and can improve our resilience in our everyday lives.
Counseling Services & Creativity & Wellness Consulting for Personal and Professional Growth Pablo Orozco-Castro is a XicanX Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Music Producer who's mission is to support others in activating their innate creativity and decolonizing mental health practices. He received his BA from UC Santa Cruz and received his MSW from the Columbia School of Social Work. Practicing Social Work for nearly a decade and psychotherapy for 5 years. He has experience working in the public and non-profit sectors in developing programming and serving marginalized populations. Pablo has experience with various western therapeutic modalities including EMDR, CBT/TF-CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, Restorative Justice and Non-Violent Communication. Pablo also incorporates musical expression with clinical practice, eco-therapy and traditional Mexica traditions to regain connection with spirit. Want to learn more? Contact me today for a free 15 minute consultation.
Psychedelic harm reduction counseling Pre- and post-ritual counseling Psychedelic Sitting & Guiding Psychedelic integration sessions Mindfulness Coaching EMDR Therapy Research consultation (psychedelics) Groups: Psychedelic/Plant Medicine Integration Group 1x a month. Self-Care Group offered virtually. Professional Workshops: Decolonizing Psilocybin Use Workshops for Mental Health Providers and Facilitators