Pala Medicine

Pasadena CA
We are By-Appointment-Only and you can make an appointment for a free 20 min consult at A free 20 min consultation call with Dr. Suraiya Rahman followed by a Medical Evaluation in person. Preparation call over Zoom with Rob Matthews before the first Ketamine Therapy experience. Integration call over Zoom with Rob Matthews after every Ketamine Therapy experience. Regular clinical check ins to maintain results while also decreasing the risks involved with ketamine therapy. Maintenance and booster doses are tailored to your needs and budget.
Pala Medicine is co-founded by Physician Dr. Suraiya Simi Rahman MD and Psychedelic Integration Coach Rob Matthews. Conveniently located in Pasadena, CA we cover a wide range of clients from all over the LA area, nationally and internationally. At Pala Medicine we bring years of experience at the intersection of Healthcare Burnout and Resilience Building, working with high performing trainees in the medical field. We specialize in Frontline Worker Burnout and offer Group Ketamine Therapy for Nurses, Fire-fighters and other Professionals, including Veterans. Our clients have appreciated the calm atmosphere of the clinic space and setting and noted how it improves their experience of therapy.
1:1 tailored clinical protocols using ketamine for psychedelic healing work: intravenous (IV) and intramuscular (IM) routes are used to provide the optimal dosing while reducing side effects. Support for growth and healing throughout the journey process – from preparation to integration - by an experienced and specially trained Psychedelic Integration Coach. Community events and Integration Circles are also part of our offering and we love to collaborate with local healers to co-create events that bring the benefits of psychedelic healing to our clients and theirs. Group Ketamine Therapy is offered one day a week on Wednesday afternoons, groups of up to 4: an affordable option for those on maintenance therapy - IM only.