Pamela Peters, MFTC

Denver CO
When we do KAP together I will see you several times prior to the medicine sessions to build trust, go over informed consent, set expectations and intentions. During the 3-hour medicine session you will take your prescribed medicine orally. I will be with you the entire time, offering gentle support when needed. Toward the end of this session you may begin to speak and share insights you gained from the journey. After the medicine session, you'll return within 48 hours (or for an online session) to begin to integrate your experience. This last step is the most important when working with psychedelic medicine. It is my belief that we can find spiritual transformation and even life's meaning inside the connections we form and maintain with those we love. Humans go through many life transitions that bring challenges of their own. Families with adolescents often find this transition the most difficult to move through. With support, families can learn to lean on one another and find new ways of relating through this tumultuous transition. If you find your family needing some help, feel free to get in touch.
I was born in and have lived more than 50 years in Colorado. As a therapist I plan to continue to give back to this amazing community for the foreseeable future. I am a pre-licensed relationship therapist who loves working in the connections between people.