Paul Abramson, MD

San Francisco CA
I orchestrate an integrated team of medical doctors, psychotherapists and other helping professionals to best support my patients on their healing journey, using the best methods from many disciplines and a compassionate, non-judgmental mindfulness-based approach. In our mental health care work, we use a collaborative “two-headed” approach, with a physician providing medical care and psychopharmacology, and psychotherapists providing talk therapy, mind-body techniques and somatic approaches. In my one-on-one work, I try to help each individual find their inner strength and creative spark, while attending to details meticulously, providing structure and accountability, and using the most appropriate tools for each situation.
Paul Abramson MD founded My Doctor Medical Group, an integrated multi-disciplinary practice in downtown San Francisco, to provide comprehensive medical and psychological care in a safe, supported and compassionate environment. A former Stanford electrical engineer, he trained in medicine at UCSF and has mentored under various luminaries in integrative medicine and psychedelic-assisted therapies while developing a unique style of integrative practice. He now practices with his team of experts, while also teaching and mentoring medical students and residents at UCSF and CPMC. His board certifications are in Family Medicine and Addiction Medicine, with additional training in psychopharmacology. Dr. Abramson has a long-standing interest in psychedelics and consciousness. A long-term Vipassana meditator, he has also conducted personal ethnobotanical investigations in Central and South America while advocating for the return of psychedelics to medical practice in the United States. Most recently, he completed a graduate Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research (CPTR) at CIIS and has been supporting psilocybin research at UCSF.