Paul Jozsef, MA

Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Specialties: Psychedelic integration

Services Offered: Individual, psychedelic integration (individuals), psychedelic integration (groups), psychodynamic therapy, mindfulness training

Sessions: Telehealth (Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Canada) & In person (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)



My name is Paul. I am a counsellor and psychotherapist based in Westmount, Montreal. I work with clients to help them identify and tackle the obstacles blocking them from enjoying a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life.

I am also an experienced mindfulness meditation teacher and practitioner. I regularly run mindfulness workshops and seminars for workplaces, community groups and schools.

How I work with clients

I provide integration counselling to individuals that have experienced, or are curious about, non-ordinary states of consciousness. That is, I help people make sense of, and integrate their transpersonal and psychedelic experiences into their everyday lives.

During integration sessions, I take an integrative approach which can include one or more psychotherapeutic modalities. I work largely in a psychodynamic, existential manner with a strong focus mindfulness practices. By using one’s transpersonal and/or psychedelic experience as a starting point, together with my client, we work to make sense of their experience, understand how their past may be influencing their life today, how they make sense of, and derive meaning from life, and they can bolster their resilience when faced with future challenging experiences.

Counselling sessions are often conversational in style, with a focus on growth, change and living a meaningful life.


Counsellor (#1000 5563 Canadian Couselling and Psychotherapy Association)


Masters in Counselling & Psychotherapy (Jansen Newman Institute, Australia)



Online Sessions


Location Canada, Quebec, Montreal

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