Peter Addy, PhD, LPC, LMHC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Portland OR
I specialize in working with psychedelic-curious adults who seek personal transformation while dealing with chronic health issues. My approach prioritizes creating a safe and supportive environment for emotional exploration and delving into underlying issues. I encourage clients to step out of their comfort zones and try new interventions, while valuing regular attendance and participation in scheduled sessions. Collaboration with clients is essential, recognizing that I don't know everything, and we work together to figure things out. Additionally, building a deeper connection through shared stories and demographics is a priority for me.
As a therapist with personal experience in living with chronic health issues, I bring a unique perspective and empathy to my therapeutic practice. I focus on the mind-body connection and prioritize emotional openness and vulnerability in sessions. My client-centered and holistic approach aims to create a safe space for exploration and collaboration. With a research background in psychology, I bring a strong understanding of evidence-based practices to my work. I value the therapeutic relationship and believe in the power of shared stories and demographics to create deeper connections.