Peter Addy, PhD, LPC, LMHC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Portland OR
You are stuck, confused, in pain. You are also curious about yourself and motivated to learn more about your patterns and relationships. You’re interested in psychedelics as a tool for healing and understanding, but not sure where to start. We can talk about intention, set and setting, and identifying potential barriers or harms that may arise. Taking psychedelics can be confusing and scary; it can also be wonderful and joyous. I can help you set up for these experiences safely and intentionally.
I strive to help my clients connect with their inner healing intelligence. I believe that each of us seeks wholeness and healing and knows how to get there. The best that I can do is provide a supportive environment and remove obstacles so that my clients can heal themselves. Set and setting are important factors for understanding any psychedelic experience. The setting in which I work with my clients, and in which they use psychedelics, is capitalism. That, and many other aspects of society, is inherently imbalanced and unjust. I work with my clients at primarily an individual level, but I recognize that often larger social and institutional factors are at play in determining mental health and quality of life.