Philip Lister, MD


Specialties: Trauma, loss within a family system, coping with medical illness in self or loved one, interpersonal difficulty, anxiety, depression, unstable self-esteem, inhibition

Services Offered: Individuals, couples, psychedelic integration (individuals), trauma-focused psychotherapy, psychiatric diagnosis, integrative psychiatry assessment, psychodynamic therapy, somatic therapy, psychoanalytic psychotherapy, relational and family therapy, child therapy, EMDR

Sessions: Teletherapy (NY only) and In Person (New York City, NY)


I first trained in adult and child psychoanalysis as I finished training in adult and child psychiatry. When forced to deal with some traumatic events in my own life, I benefited from EMDR and eventually trained in it and in Somatic Experiencing.

How I work with clients

I strive to forge an trusting alliance with clients and to facilitate an exploration of difficulties in current life, aware that they may have roots in the past. Through attention to the body, attention to the relationship in the here and now, attention to current stresses, as well as dreams and fantasies, I hope to facilitate an expanding awareness for clients so as to efficiently help them change what they want to change and achieve their personal goals.




Duke University School of Medicine




Psychoanalysis (adults, teens, and children), EMDR, Somatic Experiencing

Online Sessions


Location New York, New York City

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