Philip Lister, MD

New York City NY
I strive to forge a trusting alliance with clients and to facilitate an exploration of difficulties in current life, aware that they may have roots in the past. Through attention to the body, attention to the relationship in the here and now, attention to current stresses, as well as dreams and fantasies, I hope to facilitate an expanding awareness for clients so as to efficiently help them change what they want to change and achieve their personal goals.
I first trained in adult and child psychoanalysis as I finished training in adult and child psychiatry. When forced to deal with some traumatic events in my own life, I benefited from EMDR and eventually trained in it and in Somatic Experiencing. When I had the good fortune of learning of MAPS, I joined their Therapist Training and worked as a therapist in the Phase 3 studies (MAPP1 & MAPP2). Along the way I trained with Phil Wolfson in KAP (Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy) which resembles MAPS's MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy model. I am glad to participate with MAPS as a supervisor and in helping develop the curriculum for future trainees. In 2021 my memoir, A SHORT GOOD LIFE, was published. If interested, please visit for information and more.