Pierre Bouchard, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Boulder CO
My work in psychotherapy is to enhance your range of responses to the world's challenges and joys. There is no singular way to exist; the beauty lies in the diversity of our interactions and responses. I endeavor to broaden your emotional and behavioral repertoire, opening doors to a life that resonates with ease, strength, and fulfillment. Welcome to our shared path of awakening—the delicate art of becoming fully oneself.
Immersing myself in the realm of psychedelics, I've undertaken a nearly 10-year study under various mentors. As a faculty member in psychedelic-assisted work for organizations such as Naropa University and SoundMind, and serving as a Lead Trainer for the Congregation for Sacred Practices, my commitment lies in the effective, nuanced, and ethical re-emergence of this field. Additionally, I serve as a clinical consultant for the Wholeness Center in Fort Collins. Actively engaged in sharing insights through podcasts and articles, I have contributed to shaping the evolving narrative of psychedelic therapy. I've been interviewed for Sean Lawlor’s book, "Psychedelic Revival: Toward a New Paradigm of Healing," as well as a first reader for an upcoming book on music and psychedelics. I remain deeply passionate and invested in the field of psychedelic healing.
1. Connect The initial phase is about establishing trust and connection. We begin by building a therapeutic relationship that prioritizes your comfort and safety, setting the stage for a transformative journey 2. Prepare Preparation involves collaborative discussions to set intentions, discuss the ketamine experience, and address any concerns. This phase ensures that you are psychologically and emotionally ready for the journey ahead. 3. Experience During the experience, you'll enter a state facilitated by ketamine, which lasts approximately 60-120 minutes. This phase is deeply personal and can vary in length depending on your unique needs, with the active support of your therapist. 4. Integration Integration is a crucial phase where you'll process the insights and emotions that surfaced during the experience. This may occur immediately following the session or during subsequent meetings, allowing you to weave these revelations into your daily life. 5. Deepen & Continue This phase is about taking the growth and understanding you've gained and applying it to your life. You may continue regular psychotherapy sessions to deepen the integration and support your ongoing journey towards wellness.