Pisac Integration Center

Kerry Moran, MA, LPC

Location: La Rinconada, Pisac, Peru

Phone: 51.944.165.099

Website: ayahuascawisdom.com

With its high-altitude, high-vibration energy, Peru’s Sacred Valley is an extraordinary place to spend a few days or weeks following an ayahuasca retreat. Integrating with intention makes the best use of the valuable post-retreat time when you’re most open to transformation.

The Pisac Integration Center provides professional support for people working with ayahuasca and San Pedro. In addition to individual sessions, I host integration sharing circles in Pisac and offer classes/workshops in healing modalities. I can connect you with skilled healing practitioners and medicine providers in the Valley, and am happy to share suggestions for visiting the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu.

The wisdom that ayahuasca offers emerges most profoundly when we work with it consciously and deeply, responding to what’s been revealed. Ayahuasca shows us what we need to do to heal. It gives us direct personal instruction in the state of our souls, our lives, how we act in the world. When we perceive the old patterning laid down by circumstance and conditioning, we can release these constructs, moving into a more flexible and free sense of self.

Online Sessions


Location Peru, La Rinconada, Pisac

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