Qua Le, MEd, RCC

Registered Clinical Counsellor
Vancouver BC
We are all unique and so counselling may look different for everyone. My approach to counselling is integrative and relational from a person-centered perspective where therapy is personalized- with your identity, expertise, and goals as the driving force of healing. I believe that our well-being is rooted within us, although finding it can be complex therefore making growth difficult to experience. It is my passion and honour to help guide people on their personal journeys and help them develop their self-awareness through mindful presence and attention. I am dedicated to creating an empathetic non-judgemental space, characterized by transparency and mutual honesty, which promotes security and an atmosphere conducive to deep exploration.
Something that I’ve worked on in my life is finding my voice and giving myself permission to take up space in the world feeling confident. As a sensitive person and people pleaser, I struggled with setting boundaries and saying ‘no’ for a lot of my life. Being who I am has been one of the most important work that I’ve done for myself. My personal journey of learning to feel comfortable setting and maintaining clear boundaries has allowed me to connect to my own intuition and strengths. It’s important for me that I’m creating a space where people feel like they can be themselves because I really believe that’s the place where the most healing and growth and learning come from.