Rachel Katznelson, MA, LAC

Psychedelic-Assisted Therapist
Scottsdale AZ
As a practitioner, my approach centers on honesty, rapport building, and tough love. My ultimate aim is to guide clients towards reaching their therapeutic goals, empowering them to no longer rely on my support. I genuinely care about each individual and invest my heart and soul in creating an unbiased, safe space for the crucial processes of reflection, healing, and personal growth. Through a commitment to transparency, fostering connections, and offering a balance of compassion and challenges, I strive to empower clients on their journey towards lasting positive change.
As a licensed counselor in the state of Arizona, I specialize as a Psychedelic and Integration Guide, holding a Master's in Clinical Psychology and an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology. My professional journey has encompassed a rich tapestry of experiences, combining expertise in psychedelics, integration, mindfulness, and parts work. With advanced training as a psychedelic-assisted therapist for ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin, I bring a nuanced understanding to support individuals in their therapeutic journeys. My commitment lies in the profound process of integration, where insights from psychedelic experiences are seamlessly woven into tangible changes in everyday life. Through this transformative process, I create a safe space to nurture the inner healing intelligence, facilitating enduring shifts in thought patterns and behaviors. In addition to my specialization in integration, I am adept at guiding individuals through medicine journeys involving ketamine, MDMA, and psilocybin. Drawing on my intuition, clinical background, and extensive knowledge of psycho-spiritual modalities, I tailor each session to guide clients and provide practical tools for positive transformations. I am deeply inspired by the inherent self-healing capacities within each individual. It is not merely my profession but my profound honor to be part of the transformative journey that unfolds when we tap into these innate abilities.
• Psychedelic Integration • Ketamine-Assisted Therapy • MDMA-Assisted Therapy • Psilocybin-Assisted Therapy • Mindfulness and Parts Work Integration • Personalized Psycho-Spiritual Guidance