Randal Lyons, DOM, LAc

Doctor of Oriental Medicine (FL), Licensed Acupuncturist (CA, CO), Practitioner of Core Shamanism
Halifax NS
I teach, and lead you, step-by-step, upon a shamanic journey. We use a steady, monotonous drumbeat to facilitate a safe, controllable change in consciousness and follow time-tested methods which allow us to: - Connect with something greater than ourselves - Acquire knowledge, information and power to prepare for new or revisit old psychedelic sessions - Break old patterns that have you stuck - Receive practical direction on how to move forward You can be taught to undertake the journey for yourself, and if desired, to integrate it into your own spiritual practice. I also write The Sober Shaman: https://randallyons.substack.com/ which provides in-depth exploration into one topic as the Medicine of the Month. We use a written blog, audio, videos, experiential exercises, interviews with experts and additional resources.
I’m Randal Lyons—a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, shamanic practitioner, addiction recovery expert, and author. I was born and raised in New York, studied Chinese Medicine and Core Shamanism in California, and now live in Nova Scotia, Canada, with my wife and two charismatic Siamese cats. I’m also 28+ years sober. Prior to that, my “field work” in the area of drugs, music, and mayhem led me to holistic medicine. Decades ago, it helped me. Now, I use it to help others. Specifically, I use these time-tested maps of Nature & models of medicine to understand and integrate the esoteric, energetic and spiritual experiences of a psychedelic journey. As a health professional with a holistic, shamanic edge, I work with individual clients as well as in Western hospitals and clinics, world-class addiction treatment centers, and collaborative healthcare facilities. I also offer a principle-based, proven-effective online addiction recovery program.
I have a complete online Program for addictions & trauma, which you can access 24/7 for review, connection and further instruction. It provides: - Over 1,200 PDF pages of original material - 52 Lessons: they are independent, yet also interdependent - Medicine Journeys - Medicine wRites - Videos - Audios - Connections through social media, podcasts, blogs, etc. - Free resources: https://randallyons.substack.com/ - Free Preview: https://randal-lyons.thinkific.com/enroll/370602?et=free_trial In-person intensives: - The Masks of Addiction - Soul Courting - The Yin Yang of Relationship