Randal Lyons, DOM, LAc

Doctor of Oriental Medicine (FL), Licensed Acupuncturist (CA, CO)
Victoria BC
Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, phone and email.
Outside of a 3-month flirtation with sobriety, I spent everyday of my life from age 16 to 29 either high or looking to get high. During that time, I cannot honestly tell you how many times I tripped on psychedelics. What I can say is that I definitely did enough to experience travel all over the cosmic map, which always opened a Forrest Gump box o’ 4-dimensional chocolates, never knowing what I was gonna get. Looking back, I see that I was driven to take psychedelics with the hope of receiving answers to the traumas that haunted me. Whether or not a particular trip provided me with relevant information, it rarely helped because upon my return, there was no elder, wise one or trained professional who spoke this language and could help integrate what had just happened. And again looking back, I so wish I had this kind of guidance. So since I became sober on July 17th, 1994, I was forced into finding my own answers. And I’ve found them in Traditional Chinese Medicine and core-shamanism. They provide thousands of years of tried-and-true wisdom, as well as experiential methods of powerful healing. I have had the privilege of implementing these practices into dozens of world-class addiction treatment centers. Since 2003, I’ve helped thousands of people from all walks of life and who carried all manner of trauma, abuse, heartbreak and loss. It’s an honor to do this work. Blessings, Randy
I have a complete online Program, which you can access 24/7 for review, connection and further instruction. It provides: - Over 1,200 PDF pages of original material - 52 Lessons: they are independent, yet also interdependent - Medicine Journeys - Medicine Writes - Videos - Audios - Connections through social media, podcasts, blogs, etc. - A Library of free material