Rebecca Rothberg, MA, PsyD, RYT

Psychologist / Ketamine-Assisted Therapist / Yoga & Mindfulness Instructor
Berkeley CA
You may feel stuck, drained, or overwhelmed. Perhaps you have a sense that life could feel different, better, or somehow more enlivened than it currently does. I strive to create a safe container to help you access the parts of you that are innately whole, connected, and oriented toward the North Star in your night sky. I believe that under the right conditions, with the right tools, and through the right relationships, each of us is capable of the healing, growing, and thriving that we seek. Through empathic attunement and active collaboration, I hope to help you learn to experience, explore, and nurture your most authentic self.
It is pleasure to introduce myself! My name is Rebecca and I am a psychotherapist and trauma-informed yoga instructor based in Berkeley, CA. Prior to pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology, I worked in the art world in New York City and have a long-standing interest in how creativity and connection to the transcendent can inform psychological health and well-being. As a therapist, I strive to bring my belief in our innate inner healing intelligence into my work with individual adults and couples, where I endeavor to help clients access their most authentic selves, and move into a life of greater fulfillment, meaning, and joy. My background in the field of psychedelics includes research at the New York State Psychiatric Institute / Columbia University Medical Center investigating ketamine for substance use disorders, and subsequent doctoral dissertation and manuscript published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology exploring the mystical effects of ketamine in adults with alcohol dependence. I recently completed both the Polaris KAP Clinician Training (modules 1- 5) and MAPS MDMA-Assisted Therapy Training. Along the way I have served as a peer counselor with the Zendo Project and co-founded the Graduate Student Association for Psychedelic Studies (GSAPS) to foster community and collaboration among like-minded clinicians and researchers.