Reid Robison, MD, MBA

Chief Clinical Officer, Numinus
Springville UT
Screening, Preparation & Integration Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Clinical Trials Psychedelic Retreat Facilitation & Medical Directorship
Reid Robison, MD, MBA, is a board-certified psychiatrist who has led over 100 clinical trials in neuropsychiatry. Reid is Chief Medical Officer at Novamind, and supervises the prescribers and therapists at all Cedar Psychiatry clinics across Utah. He also serves as Medical Director of Center for Change, a top Eating Disorder program. Reid is the coordinating investigator for the MAPS MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy study of Eating Disorders. As an early adopter and researcher of Ketamine in psychiatry, Reid obtained his first grant to study ketamine in 2011. He has been principal investigator of over 100 clinical trials, and led the Utah site for the pivotal ketamine study for MDD by Janssen, leading up to the company’s recent FDA-approval of Spravato. To date, Reid has guided thousands of ketamine therapy journeys and hundreds of Spravato dosing sessions. He is co-developer of Emotion-Focused Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (EF-KAP), a theoretically informed treatment model to support the client in the processing and integration of insights gained through the ketamine experience. As a social entrepreneur, Reid has built a number of purpose-driven companies including Tute Genomics, a venture-backed personalized medicine startup that was acquired in 2016. Reid is adjunct faculty at the University of Utah, founder of the Polizzi Free Clinic, and provides medical support and psychedelic therapy at plant medicine retreats abroad.