Renee Martinez-Epperson, LCSW, CAS

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Peyton CO
In session, we spend a great deal building rapport, discussing your life experience, reviewing your current coping skills, identifying your intent, and developing a care plan. In addition, I use a collaborative practice model including clients, nurses, social workers, physician’s, and other specialty practitioners. The process encompasses communication and facilitates care along a continuum. I also welcome the opportunity to collaborate with caregivers as they are also an intricate part of the team. My goal is to help my patients achieve optional health. Humbly, I say "I feel like this is my life's calling, what I was born to do!"
I am a Colorado native; I love being outdoors with my family and dog. I have always been interested in the healthcare profession because it is about meeting the needs of those who are dealing with a wide variety of conditions and emotions. I am genuinely interested in learning about your life experience and how it has impacted you. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Certified Addictions Specialist. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Social Work from Colorado State University. I received my Clinical Master's Degree in Social Work from Newman University. I completed training at the Ketamine Academy, and I am finishing my Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy Certification from the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. My background in healthcare consists of inpatient hospital psychiatric care, community outpatient substance abuse treatment, emergency crisis stabilization, oncology, and ambulatory acute care management.
Care Management and Care Coordination