Renee Razzano, MA, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
San Francisco CA
The therapy relationship is dedicated time and space in which you will learn more about yourself and expand your sense of what is possible for your life and your relationships. We begin with curiosity and openness. Making change starts with looking and learning, to better understand your inner experience, patterns, and values. It includes reflection on your past and your family histories, exploration of your hopes for the future, and profound attention to the present moment. Often the process asks us to reckon with how we have been shaped by the past and the external world, and to sift through the stories we tell ourselves. Deep change is difficult and asks us to summon passion and perseverance. We may see change in a seismic shift or in small, subtle shifts. Therapy is a place of transformation and a powerful tool to access and practice the ways in which you can be more choiceful and freer than you thought was possible. Therapy is a radical endeavor. Sessions are 50 or 75 minutes, depending on preference and availability, once or twice per week.
I have experience helping people with anxiety, depression, trauma healing and recovery, and grief. Whether you’re looking for support as an individual or as a couple, I’m here to guide you toward your truth and toward something bigger, toward that which gives you a sense of belonging and wholeness, of meaning and purpose. I have availability to begin with couples and individuals via telehealth, using a secure video platform.