Renée Sloan, MA, BSc, ATR

Psychedelic Integration Therapist & Creative Arts Therapist
Melbourne VIC
In my time together with you, I take a therapeutic companioning approach, held by the values of curiosity, multimodality, presence, trust, and emergence. As your companion, I walk alongside you with unconditional positive regard, supporting the development of your own inner healer/ “knower” while inquiring into your lived experience with attentive awareness. As someone who has experienced the highs and lows of life myself, including mental ill-health, I take a peer-based approach, where I meet you as a fellow human, with loving respect for your path and belief in your healing. It's from this place that I hope you feel safe and held enough to deep dive into your healing journey with the knowingness that I am there alongside you, every step of the way.
Ever since I can remember, I have felt a bone-deep calling into nature. Growing up along the east coast of Australia, I feel blessed to have spent much of my life surrounded by forests, oceans, and bushlands. For me, nature and plant medicine always held profound healing experiences and it was the desire to share healing with others that initially led me to study a research honors degree in Psychological Science at Queensland University of Technology. Irritated at the dualism of the biomedical model, and sensing there was more to healing than psychology could offer, I travelled to Northern India to study yogic philosophy through wisdom of the Vedas and became a certified yoga teacher. Upon returning to Melbourne, I weaved my knowledge of eastern philosophy with western neuroscience together and founded Laprana, a Melbourne-based holistic & integrative mental health practice. Feeling called to deepen my knowledge about mental ill-health and healing, particularly from traditional indigenous cultures, I traveled through Australia, Africa, Asia, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Mexico and Guatemala on a journey of healing, learning, teaching, and inspiration. My time in various indigenous communities opened me to the profound healing potentiality of the sacred and creative arts and entheogenic plant medicines (psychedelics). My own ongoing ineffable experiences in ceremony with plant spirit medicine, particularly Ayahuasca, Cachuma and Psilocybin provided me with ever deepening knowledge, experiential wisdom, and tools to support others on their healing journeys. Upon returning to Australia, I completed a Masters of Therapeutic Arts Practice at Melbourne Institute of Creative and Experiential Arts Therapy (MIECAT) and a certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy (CPAT) through Mind Medicine Australia. My practice, Laprana has evolved alongside me over the years, and now offers psychedelic preparation & integration therapy, as well as ongoing spiritual guidance, counselling, and mentoring.
- Psychedelic Preparation sessions, 1:1, in-person or online - Psychedelic Integration sessions, 1:1, in-person or online - Arts therapy small group integration sessions (5-7 persons), in-person on online - Arts therapy, 1:1, in-person or online - Online counseling, coaching & mentoring