Rhea Morais, MA

Professional Counselor Associate, Mental Health Counselor Associate
Portland OR
Psychedelic experiences can be profoundly life-altering, but given their current illegal status it can be difficult to find support or a safe space to discuss such experiences. I offer psychedelic integration therapy in the hopes of creating a nonjudgmental space where it's not taboo to discuss your experiences with psychedelics. Psychedelic integration therapy means that I process with clients before or after any psychedelic experiences they've had on their own and help clients integrate these experiences into daily life. I do not offer psychedelic therapy and am not able to connect clients with underground psychedelic therapists or psychedelics themselves. I believe in the importance of harm reduction and discussing potential risks, benefits, expectations, and challenges that can accompany psychedelic experiences with clients. I also believe it can be helpful to explore one's intentions for utilizing psychedelics in the first place, as well as the meaning one is giving to these experiences. This can help inform our therapeutic work together. Often, material that arises during psychedelic experiences can be incorporated into the broader context of other therapeutic goals one may have.
I am a registered Professional Counselor Associate in the state of Oregon and a registered Mental Health Counselor in the state of Washington. I currently receiving supervision from Peter Addy, PhD, LPC, LMHC. I received a Master's degree in Professional Mental Health Counseling from Lewis & Clark College. I currently practice therapy with Live True Counseling, a group practice located in downtown Portland that emphasizes existential-humanist therapy. I am passionate about my work as a therapist and am endlessly fascinated by human consciousness. I believe that psychedelic experiences and other experiences of altered states of consciousness have the potential to help humans deepen our understanding of ourselves both as individuals and as a collective.