Richard Mungall, LCSW

San Francisco CA
I offer both long-term psychotherapy and preparation/integration sessions for those engaged in entheogenic/psychedelic and other non-ordinary experiences. I create a warm space in which I trust, honor and support whatever is happening in your life. I can help you to develop more inner awareness, emotional capacity, resilience, self-acceptance and self-love as you integrate both beautiful and difficult experiences. Along the way I can help you to discover and cultivate your unique gifts. My goal is for you to have new experiences in every session because this is how lasting transformation occurs. Altered states of consciousness can release high levels of energetic/emotional intensity, repressed trauma, or spiritual experiences which can sometimes be confusing or destabilizing. Using Somatic Experiencing, a body-based approach, I can help you to calm down and feel safe. Through the body we can also address trauma with no cognitive memory as well as gaps in early development. These methods can help you access surprisingly similar territory to the journey space but with more control. When you are overwhelmed this control is important and through “titration” you can take in small enough doses of an experience so that you can successfully integrate it into your life. I can help you learn to listen and be kind to your system so you can discern when it’s time to open up new material and when it’s time to slow down and integrate what has already happened. Please see my website for more about my approach or to contact me for a free phone consultation.
I’m passionate about a holistic approach that supports all of who you are. I completed my relationally-oriented clinical training at Columbia University. I’m a Somatic Experiencing trauma practitioner and specialize in Kathy Kain’s approach to developmental trauma and touch for trauma. Spiritually I’ve been a serious meditation student for 16 years and currently offer teaching in the nuanced awareness practices of Reggie Ray. I’ve also studied directly with a founder of the Processwork Institute and a faculty analyst at the C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco. From a young age I became passionate about being in my body through the movement arts and I continue to explore flow and relationship through dance and improvisation, a spirit that I bring into my clinical work. My own experiences in a variety of non-ordinary states – meditation retreat, vajrayana practice, entheogens/psychedelics, peak athletic experiences, art, developmental trauma – have given me a deep personal understanding of the diverse territory of these experiences and the many pathways and practices for integrating them into your daily life. In addition to working with individuals I currently facilitate the monthly ERIE integration groups in San Francisco. My primary research explores the interconnections of meditation, entheogens, psychotherapy, community, art and nature in the service of healing and social transformation.